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Nowadays, with all the advancement of technology and speed of communication and processing power, a lot of schools might not be making the grade. Children in schools are more and more capable of chasing knowledge on their own that the teaching profession is rapidly becoming more guidance than instruction.

The days of classical teaching are rapidly giving way to the overflow of information hitting our students from all sides. Teachers might soon become guides to these brilliant minds seeking information that they willingly want to pursue.

Grades are also on their way to become inaccurate assessments of a student’s knowledge and performance. In order to produce the next generation of achieving student bodies, forget the grade, make the great!




Confronted with modern teaching techniques, educators have some thorny issues to sort through and a portfolio of skills to adopt in their quest to ensure lifelong learning. Today’s teachers must motivate students to read, seek knowledge, initiate activities that catalyze their curiosity, engage them in debates, innovate when resources are scarce, stimulate their senses and drive to explore, make it rewarding for them to investigate, captivate their interest in networking and get them to cooperate together towards a common and worthwhile purpose. Experts at the TeachME 2010 Conference will gear their efforts towards focusing their workshops around these themes adding inspiration to education in an innovative approach.

In addition to workshops, talks, and sessions, there will be panels, debates, and topics on e-learning.


Previous Conferences

The speed and capacity in which children think and absorb is getting alarmingly faster than that in which we can educate them. The challenge to keep up is harder than we think. The aim of the conference was to address this crucial condition to the future of schooling and present viable, probable solutions to offer quality education. Experts at the TeachME November 2009 conference presented talks and workshops in a range of subjects which are the different gears in the engine that drives the future of education.

A robust lineup of speakers and trainers presented a wide range of compelling educational topics, talks and workshops in English, Arabic and French, for K-12 grade levels. In addition to these, there were debates and panels.

TeachME 2009 brought you a conference that was designed with the whole school in mind. It was an event that is for all members of the K-12 education sector. It highlighted debating in schools. It brought together major school operators in a discussion panel moderated by experts in the field of Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, and Teacher Quality. It offered an excess of 30 workshops and 20 talks by renowned international and regional speakers. Sessions were offered in the English, French and Arabic languages.

With over 30 workshops and 15 talks, the conference offered schools and teachers a large variety of professional development sessions. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, and was attended by over 700 delegates.

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