About Us

Founded in 1991, Rearden Educational is the only educational company of its kind in the Arab world, serving the Levant and GCC countries. Rearden’s understanding of the values, traditions, mindset and customs of the region allows the company to provide highly dedicated services and products to schools, ministries, publishers, and educators.

With offices in Beirut and Dubai, the company’s dynamic access to an exclusive database of schools and unique, quality-oriented approach to product marketing have earned us a significant reputation in our niche.

Rearden also runs Kidshop and Mustard, a concept children’s bookstore and publishes the Middle East Educator Magazine, the premiere Pan – Arab trade publication about education in the Middle East. Furthermore, Rearden is the organizer of a themed international teachers’ conference, held yearly.

Rearden’s other services include:

• Consultancy
• Teacher Recruitment
• Professional Development
• Publishing
• Educational Marketing Services
• Translation


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About Us

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