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Our Philosophy

We believe in empowerment and adopting practical and realistic procedures, engaging the whole team in the reform process.

Our Services

All our services are customised to the client’s needs. They cover all aspects of the educational institution. These include (but are not limited to):

Accreditation; goals; curricular planning; resources; textbooks; assessment measures; subject departments; interdepartmental links; special needs programs; instruction; graduation policy, setting rubrics, developing scope and sequence.

Management / Administration
Goal setting; hierarchical structure development; training; accountability procedures; team-building strategy establishment; fostering climate and culture; establishing partnerships.

School Image
School profile; prospectus; website; design of official paperwork; emblem selection and design; publications.

Student Life
Non-academic programs; social development programs; publications; rules and regulations guidelines; merit systems.

Teacher Life
Qualifications; rights; responsibilities;, accountability; performance appraisal; teaching methods; professional development; training.



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